Acne Treatment: Understanding the Role of Vitamins

It is very essential to have correct nutrition for maintaining natural clear skin and to prevent acne flare up. A lot of people do not have diet that contains adequate minerals and vitamins. Many are very fond of junk foods and hardly consume any fresh vegetables and fruits. This is more applicable to youngsters who are prone to acne. These minerals and vitamins are strong antioxidants which help in removing toxins from body. Some of these help in improving immunity system. It must be noted that only recommended dose of vitamins should be taken. In case of pregnancy, the doctor's advice must be taken before taking multi-vitamin tablets.

The changes in diet have effect on the health of your skin. One does look for immediate solution to the acne problem but that is not really feasible. It would be advisable to have a balanced diet having required vitamins.

Important Vitamins for Acne Treatment

Vitamin A
It is found in carrots, green vegetables and oranges. It is most effective for treating acne. This strong antioxidant is considered very useful in anti-aging creams and anti-wrinkle creams, and repairs skin tissues. It helps in preventing clogging of pores and reduces oil production from sebaceous glands, and helps in natural acne treatment.

Vitamin B Complex
Different B vitamins help in keeping the skin healthy. They give relief from anxiety and stress, which deteriorate the condition of acne. Various types of these vitamins are Vitamin B, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B6. They ensure proper circulation, help digestion and are used in metabolism of proteins. Pyriodoxine is required for appropriate functioning of immune system. It is also utilized for producing antibodies.

Vitamin C
It is found in citrus fruits and is very essential for the growth, and repairs the damage to the skin caused by acne. It increases immunity and helps body against infection. It is commonly used for treatment of cold and is suited for dry and sensitive skin.

Vitamin E
This strong antioxidant is required for repairing and healing of damaged tissues. It assists in preventing recurrence of acne especially for oily skin.

Taking of multivitamin tablets should be avoided because body is unable to process minerals and vitamins suitably at one time. Taking supplements twice every day is recommended. It is advisable to have a lot of fruits, green vegetables, wheat grains and water. Gentle cleansing of skin is required. Sulfur based soap should be used twice a day, but it should not be rubbed on the skin too much. Heavy makeup should be avoided to keep the skin healthy.

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Article Source : MIJ Sadique

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