Types of Mesothelioma

Understanding the types of mesothelioma can get very confusing. With types, there may be subtypes and additionally, subtypes of the subtypes. Mainly, there are five different types of mesothelioma. One of them is benign (non-cancerous), but the following four are terminal diseases.

Pleural Mesothelioma: This is the most common form of the disease, affecting 75% of the people who are diagnosed with the disease. It forms in the pleura, the lining of the lungs, which protects the organ.

Peritoneal Mesothelioma: 20% of people diagnosed with mesothelioma suffer from this variant. Rather than in the lungs, this forms in the lining of the abdomen. This lining is known as the peritoneal membrane.

Pericardial Mesothelioma: Affecting about five percent of people, this cancer develops inside the lining of the heart, which is known as the pericardium.

Testicular Mesothelioma: This type of mesothelioma is located in the tunica vaginalis, the membrane surrounding the testicles. This is an extremely rare form of the disease accounting for only 0.7% of all cases between 1973 and 1999.

Additionally, types of mesothelioma can be broken down into histological types as well as if the cancer is recurrent, resectable, or unresectable.

Article Source: mesotheliomatreatment.net

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